Why Messenger Marketing Is The Way Of The Future


Why Messenger Marketing Is The Way Of The Future

By now you are probably well aware of what email marketing is - especially if you've ever had to use email for personal or work related reasons. Email marketing has been around since the early days of the internet, but it is starting to become a less inefficient as a way to keep in touch with your audience or customers.

Other alternative methods of communication such as messenger and SMS are starting to become more poplar as web users continue to shift towards mobile, and for good reason - they are very effective. In this article we will dive into what messenger marketing is all about and how it compares to the more traditional route of building an email subscriber list to market to. We will also talk about how you can get started with messenger marketing along with some tips to set your business or organization set up for success.

What exactly is messenger marketing?

To get subscribers on an email list, visitors typically need to opt in somehow via a form, pop-up, newsletter, etc. Once they are are subscribed to your list, you are able to send them personalized emails whenever you want for marketing purposes. Messenger marketing works the exact same way. Once visitors have opted in as a messenger subsriber, you can send mass broadcasts straight to the messenger inbox of all your subscribers or a specific segment of them. You have the ability to send links, promotions, images, or whatever else you could possibly need to send.

There are a few different platforms you can use to manage and grow a messenger list, but Manychat is probably the most widely used one out there as of right now. They offer lots of really useful growth tools and opt-in features that you can integrate with your website or social media accounts to easily grow your list. Most of the top platforms will also have advanced flowbuilders that you can use to make some very powerful funnels and segment your audiences as needed.

How does messenger compare to email?

The most significant advantage of using messenger marketing over email is the open and click-through rates - hands down. As demonstrated in the diagram below, with email you can expect an average open rate of about 23%. Messages sent via Facebook messenger however get tend to get opened around 90% of the time. And when it comes to what really matters - the open rates are also much better on messenger with an average of 28% compared to 3% on email. I think we can all agree that is a very significant difference.

The main reason why the open and click-through rates are so much higher with messenger marketing is because you are reaching out and communicating with your audience in the same place that they interact with their friends and family. A lot of the time your messages will even pop up right on their smartphone with a notification, so it becomes hard for the subscriber to miss or ignore the message. A promotional email on the other hand would typically go straight to a subscriber's spam email folder - likely never to be seen again.

Here at Lucid Web Solutions we are able to build and provide fully customized messenger marketing funnels for our clients. If your business or organization could benefit from adding messenger marketing as a more effective way to communicate with your audience and drive sales, feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to provide a quote.